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Myth or Reality?

Remember, 007's movie "The Goldeneye"? If you were fascinated by that movie, this section of IE is surely going to thrill you. The weapon in the movie was also based on the Soviet Tesla Lightening Weapons and Scalar Electro-magnetic weapons which are(?) capable of mass destruction and weather manipulations and also control human minds.

" Eight U.S. Space Rockets Were Destroyed Possibly by Soviet Tesla Lightening Weapons in the Past 19 Months; Soviet Moles inside the U.S. Government and Pro-Soviet Scientists Prevent the U.S. from Developing New, More Effective Weapons

At one time, the late Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev attempted to intimidate the American people by saying, "We shall bury you." He also declared, "The U.S. will eventually fly the Communist red flag."
Today, a considerable number of American scientists, politicians, bankers, corporate executives, etc. are strategically and actively supporting and cooperating with the Soviet Union. In short, they are providing the Kremlin with the shovel to bury the U.S."
(treachery of the scientists)

Electro-Magnetic effects have been widely neglected in the west. Though in the Soviet Union, it was given utmost preference. Read the following documents and you will know more of it. Recently, in one of the episodes of 'Science Mysteries' on the Discovery Channel regarding GHOSTS, it was revealed that in an area of high Electromagnetic radiation, a person sees or hears things which physically do not exist. Hence nature plays the part of a MIND CONTROL device and makes us hear and see things which definitely seem to us either as SUPER NATURAL happenings or Hallucinations.

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