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Sukhoi Su-32FN

Su-32FN/34 Photo Gallery

In 1990 Based on the SU-27 a dedicated strike version was developed - first designated the T10B/SU-27IB (IB for Istrebitel-Bombardirovshchik - fighter bomber) The aircraft made its maiden flight on 13 April 1990 piloted by Anatoli Ivanov. The first production version, redesignated the T10V/SU-34, first flew on 18Dec 1993 and a further developed maritime strike/ASW version, designated the T10V/SU-32FN, made its first flight on 28 December 1994 piloted by Igor Votintsev and Evgeny Reunov. Of all the derivatives of the SU-27 this version is by far the most radically changed. It features a new side-by-side two seat 17 mm titanium armoured EFIS cockpit with 7 liquid crystal displays(LCD), 2 Zvezda K-36DM ejector seats..

Su-32FN cockpit with 7 multifunctinal LCDs and K36DM ejector seats(red handels) - only the pilot has a HUD

..a small kitchen and lavatory. The cockpit is accessed from below the aircraft through the nosewheel bay. Su-32 being a long range strike aircraft has been facilitated with onboard instruments and crew support, which can operate for more than 10 hrs at a stretch.

The cockpit of the SU-32FN/SU-34 is accessed from below via the nose-wheel bay

The under carriage has been strengthened to cope with the increased weight of the aircraft and has a twin nose wheel with KN-27 tires and tandem wheel main gear with KT-206 tires. Other notable exterior features are broader chord tailfins and movable canards, the radically redesigned nose section(which gave the aircraft the nickname "Platypus") and the huge tail cone. The huge internal fuel tanks, Provision for the UPAZ buddy to buddy refuelling pack together with a retractable inflight refuelling probe for mid-air refuelling from e.g the IL-78 "Midas" provide the aircraft with an impressive combat range.

The SU-32FN/SU-34 features a new advanced Leninez B004 multi functional phased-array radar. This has both air to air BVR- and a powerful terrain-following/avoidance mode. A digital data link provides secure data transmission to and from other aircraft, ships and ground stations directly or via sattelite - the aircraft can also be controlled by AWACS like e.g the A-50 "Mainstay" or function as a mini AWACS itself downloading tactical information to other aircraft.

A fully digital fly-by-wire flight controlsystem is capable of flying the aircraft at low altitude day or night and in all weather conditions by use of GPS(global positioning system) and the terrain mapping/avoidance capability of the new radarstation. The terrain-following mode and a laser rangefinder allows the aircraft to deploy a host of guided AG and ASM weaponry such as the Kh-25M, Kh-29L, Kh-31A, -P, Kh-41"Moskit" and Kh-59M"Ovod" missiles and KAB-500 and KAB-1500 guided bombs + KMGU cluster bomb dispensers, 80 -, 122 -, and 266 mm unguided rockets and freefall bombs.
Though the SU-32FN and the SU-34 shares the same airframe and the T10V production-code, they are actually two different aircraft. The SU-34 is the base model intended to replace the SU-24 strike aircraft and is equipped primarily for missions against shorebased targets wheras the SU-32FN is a navalized variant optimized for antishipping and even ASW through the installation of a "Sea Snake" maritime sea-skimming search radar, magnetic anomaly detector(MAD) and a sonobouy launcher - the "Sea Snake" radarstation is said to be capable of detecting a submarine periscope breaking the surface at a distance of 150km and even small airborne targets up to 250 km away. The armament of the SU-32FN includes: theKh-31p antiradiation missile, the Kh-31A, Kh-41 Moskit, and the Kh-59M anti-ship missiles and conventional and reactive torpedoes.

The SU-32FN and the SU-34 are primarily strike aircraft - very heavy and with only moderate agility and speed, nevertheless they have a powerful air to air capability in the multifunctional radar station and the Vympel R-27 and the advanced Vympel R-77(RVV-AE) medium range AA-missiles. Furthermore both aircraft have a Builtin GSh-301 30mm cannon with 180 rounds and an elaborate selfdefence system - it consists of a Pastel radar warning reciever, MAK IR-sensor, Otklik laser warning, Sorbtsiya ECM wingtip-pods, chaff/flare dispensers and the NIIP NO-12 rearward facing radar, which is located in the huge tailcone on a raised bracket assembly above the drag chute door.

SU-34 with extended drag chute - the huge tailcone also houses the rearward facing radar, which can be used to track upto a range of 50-60 Km and can be used to guide the R-73RDM2 short range infra-red guided missile. The aircraft doesn't need to turn around to intercept the enemy or make a positive lock-on. Once fired, the R-73RDM2 is capable of flipping 180 and engaging the enemy.

The rearward facing radar can detect, track and lock targets directly behind the aircraft and is used for target aquisition for the new super agile thrust vectored R-73 IR-homing AA-missile which can be launched in a rearward direction(the tailcone of the SU-32FN may house a MAD and a sonobouy launcher for ASW instead of the rearward facing radar). The SU-32FN/34 also has an EOS (electro optical sighting) system controlled by the pilots head-movements through a helm mounted sight.


Lenght: 23.34 m.
Span: 14.7 m
Height: 6.36 m
Wing area: 62.0 m
Weight: normal take-off: 39000 kg, Max take-off: 45100 kg
Fuel load: internal: 12100 kg, extrnal: up to 3 fuel tanks of 3000 l each(19300 kg total)
max payload: 8000 kg
Hardpoints: 12


Engines: 2 x Lyulka AL-31F
Performance: 12800 kg of thrust
Max speed: Mach 1.6(1900 km/h) at altitude and Mach 1(1300 km/h) at sea level.
Max range: 4500 km
Ceiling: 15000 m
Max G-load: 7


Guns: Builtin GSh-301 30mm cannon, 180 rounds (firing rate: 1500 rounds per minute)
CAC: Vympel R-73/AA-11"Archer"
BVR: Vympel R-27/AA-10"Alamo", R-77(RVV-AE)/AA-12"Adder"
AG: Kh-25M/AS-10"Karen", Kh-29/AS-14"Kedge", KAB-500, KAB-1500, FAB-250, FAB-500,
Antiradar: Kh-31P/AS-17"Krypton"
ASM: Kh-31A/AS-17"Krypton", Kh-41 Moskit, Kh-59 Ovod/AS-13"Kingbolt"
ASW: SU-32FN: conventional and reactive torpedoes


Decoys: chaff/flare dispensers

ESM/ECM: Pastel RWR, MAK IR-sensor, Otklik laser warning, Sorbtsiya-ECM wingtip-pods


Air to air/ground/sea: Leninez OKB B004 multi functional phased-array terrain following/mapping multifunctional radar-station, (SU32FN: Sea Sake maritime search radar) NIIP NO-12 (rearward facing radar), EOS, digital data link, laser rangefinder
Navigation: inertial ,GLOSNOSS/GPS
Firecontrol: "Argon" mission computer
Aircraft control: digital fly-by-wire, all weather capable automatic flight control for low altitude flight.
Sonars: SU-32FN: magnetic anomaly detector(MAD), sonobouy launcher


Crew: 2 (1 pilot, 1 navigator/weapons operator) seated in Zvezda K-36DM ejector seats


This site has been moved to but not in its current form. We are in process of erecting a brand new website with totally new structure. Hence, for information seekers, this site will remain as it is.