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Hello Friends,

My name is Abhishek and I'm 17 years old but I was an aviation freak since I was 11. I live in New Delhi (India). My father is in the Indian Air Force. He is an Aeronautical/Telecommunications engineer. My interest in Aviation was not derived from my father's active participation in the Air Force, but after I saw the movie 'Vijeta', a movie on the Indian Air Force, and then the Hollywood blockbuster 'Top Gun'. They gave rise to an extraordinary curiosity in me to learn more about aviation. Every Thursdays I would go to the airfield to see flying. The first fighter aircraft with which I fell in love was the SEPECAT Jaguar. Later on I discovered there were even much more cooler aircraft with the Indian Air Force like MiG-29s and Mirage-2000H. I would daily go to the library and issue books on Aviation. The best book I ever read on air combat was Bill Gunston's Modern Air Combat. Then I started exploring more high level books like Jane's All the World Aircraft and Military Year Book etc. Also the popular TV show on the Discovery Channel, Wings, fueled up my craziness. I was highly impressed by my country's air force once I learned about its past and present. Indian Air Force is today the world's fourth largest airforce, operating MiG-21 variants (soon to be phased out and replaced by LCA), MiG-27 Strike Fighters, SEPECAT Jaguars, Mirage-2000H, MiG-29 Fulcrum, Su-30MKI, and MiG-25R. LFS, hopefully, will be inducted in the near future which Russian MiG will be jointly making with Indian HAL.

Then, once I got access to the internet, I almost went crazy learning that there existed such a vast source of information.

More about me... (you must be a close friend of mine if you have managed to read so far:)

Favourite Movies (Apart from the two earlier mentioned):

  1. Spider-Man

  2. Red Flag: The Ultimate Game

  3. Dead Poets Society

  4. Now And Then

...and many more Hindi Movies apart from these.

Favourite Singer/Bands:

Bon Jovi, Eminem, Bryan Adams (English), Michael Jackson (English), A.R. Rahman (Hindustani), Strings (Hindustani), 7.1 (Russian) etc. These are just the all time favourites, otherwise I like good music by almost anyone.

Would you like to be the administrative part of this site? Contact me at the following address.

I will be happy to receive your mails. e-mail me at redstaraf@hotmail.com

In case you have any complaints regarding this site, mail me immediately.

Thank You

This site has been moved to www.WorldAviation.info but not in its current form. We are in process of erecting a brand new website with totally new structure. Hence, for information seekers, this site will remain as it is.